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Last chance to register for FCO’s Research Conference!

 Flowers Canada Ontario is hosting a Research Conference on February 1st. The conference will focus on best management practices (or BMPs) in the greenhouse, including those for water management, lighting, and pest control. Keep reading for details on speakers and registration. Advertisements

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“Sticking” it to high populations of thrips in greenhouse crops.

You’ve likely noticed by now that thrips populations are especially high because of the hot, dry summer. Many growers are noticing their usual biocontrol programs can’t keep up, and further defenses are needed this year. The use of mass trapping strategies may be the … Continue reading

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“Bug Dorms” – an incredibly useful tool to help answer pest questions in your greenhouse

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite things of all time – the Bug Dorm.  Basically a mini, insect-proof tent, Bug Dorms are an amazingly useful tool for conducting quick-and-dirty experiments in your greenhouse.  By containing (or … Continue reading

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Can you safely mix nematodes and pesticides?

Entomopathogenic nematodes – used to control fungus gnats, shoreflies and thrips – are often a “gateway bio” into biocontrol use in greenhouses.  This is because not only are they effective and easy to use, but they’re generally compatible with insecticide … Continue reading

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IPM “Basics” Workshop on Feb 25th

Check out this flyer for details on my “Intro to IPM” workshop on Feb 25th.  The workshop will cover identification of common pests (insects AND diseases!), review of IPM basics, and optimizing IPM strategies in greenhouse floriculture crops. This is a great workshop … Continue reading

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Got thrips? Check out this exciting new resource!

It’s an exciting time for Floriculture IPM!  I am VERY pleased to announce the launch of the all new GreenhouseIPM website! GreenhouseIPM.org presents a compilation of up-to-date information on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and biological control  in greenhouses. And, as part of the website … Continue reading

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New tool in floriculture IPM: testing your microbial products.

What’s the first thing you do with your shipments of predatory mites, parasitoids and predators when you receive them?  You probably check to see if these natural enemies are alive before you put them out in the crop. Now Albert Grimm (Jeffries … Continue reading

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