It’s “B” Season! Watch for Botrytis, Broad Mite and Burn.

Honeybee 2Although native bees and honeybees may just be starting to gather strength and are beginning to fly outside, other “B’s” have been of growing concern in the greenhouse for some time now.

These include common spring bedding crop problems like Botrytis cinera (aka grey mold), Broad mites, and leaf burn (from a variety of causes).

Keep reading for tips on how to manage these issues during this time of year.

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Cost-share funding for greenhouse growers now available under the new “Canadian Agricultural Partnership” (CAPS)

cap_banner3-engStarting on April 3, 2018, producers, processors, and other businesses can apply for cost-share funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership .

Similar to previous programs (such as Growing Forward 2), this is a new five-year commitment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments that will support Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors.

Keep reading for more information on this program, or talk to your local OMAFRA or OSCIA representative.

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Reminder: VRIC survey on IPM use, needs and gaps due April 6.

VRIC designing GH IPM programJust a friendly reminder that the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s survey on pest management concerns and needs in the Canadian greenhouse industry needs to be filled out by this Friday (April 6).

This survey guides applied research and helps set industry priorities, which is why your input is so important.

What happens if you don’t fill it out?  

One of the lovey scientists from VRIC is likely going to call you, that’s what.  And if you’re anything like me, I’d MUCH rather fill out an online form when it’s convenient for ME, rather than take the time to go over questions on the phone.

To take the survey, click back to the original blog post here, and follow the instructions.


New IPM survey will help focus research and products for growers


We need to pick your brain!

Let’s face it; it can feel like there’s never enough time in the day.  Extra tasks (even those that only take a few minutes) can seem impossible to squeeze in.  Especially this time of year.

But some tasks that seem annoying now can have a big payoff in the future. Because if researchers, extension agents and industry groups know exactly what you need to be successful, we can help make these things a reality.

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has recently taken up the rather thankless job of conducting a survey on pest management implementation and needs in the greenhouse industry.

Why is this a necessary evil? Because it gives them (and us) information on:

  • Pests to focus research on
  • Where pest management dollars are being spent, and where programs can be refined
  • Pest management needs in the industry (here’s your chance to indicate specific pesticides or bios you’d like to see available!)
  • How best to reach growers with new information

I encourage you all to click “Read More” on this blog post and follow the link to the survey BEFORE April 6, 2018.  Below I have detailed the kinds of information you’ll need at your fingertips to help make taking it go a bit more smoothly.

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New Program Alert: GreenON Agriculture

GreenON Ag retrofit logoYou might have heard that a new cost-share program, GreenON Agriculture was announced last week.  This program is designed to help Ontario farm businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and greenhouses are eligible!

This program will be of interest to greenhouse operators who are concerned about rising energy costs, and want to make their operations more energy-efficient.

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The New Era of Pesticides in Canada: Cancellations, Re-evaluations, and New Products

pesticide pic

Changes will soon be coming to some of the chemical products you rely on most.

It seems  there is never a dull moment in the greenhouse ornamental industry these days.  From transitions to new crops,  new export requirements, to novel pest problems, the industry has seen a lot of change….and it’s not over yet. 

The industry is also going to be facing changes regarding some commonly used chemical products. Here is the latest on potential  revisions to the list of chemical tools we have access to in Canadian floriculture.

This is guest post was written by Cary Gates, Pest Management Director at Flowers Canada Growers.

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