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Lots and Lots of Lewis mites! (And how to go about controlling them in poinsettia).

You know how I just wrote a post on how you need to look out for unprecedented mealybug infestations in your crop this year?  Well I lied!  Now you need to look out for mealybug AND unusually high numbers of … Continue reading

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Mealybugs…on poinsettia??

Last year several consultants and I noticed something strange.  A number of greenhouses in Ontario had noticeable infestations of mealybug in their poinsettia crop.  This was the first time many in their 25+ year careers had seen this (e.g. see Mel Sawaya’s article … Continue reading

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Now’s the time to be proactive about poinsettia nutrition

If you’re producing poinsettias this year, you are probably just about finished with potting up your newly rooted cuttings. Keeping an eye on your crop throughout the production cycle will help to identify problems early, and allow you to correct … Continue reading

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Pest & Disease Prevention in Poinsettia – Now’s the Time!

Poinsettias may only in the greenhouse for a relatively small time, but they can have BIG problems compared to other crops.  Lewis mites, Pythium, and the dreaded Q-Biotype of whitefly all have the potential to make a significant number of plants … Continue reading

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Keep those cuttings cool!

Environment Canada has placed most of Southern Ontario under a Heat Alert for the next few days.  It’s the time of year for sticking poinsettia cuttings, and cuttings of any floral crop are susceptible to extreme temperatures.  Plants are just like people, … Continue reading

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Poinsettia trial to continue at Linwell Garden

I am pleased to announce the continuation of an old favourite: Wayne Brown’s annual Poinsettia Open House 2015. This event has moved  from its usual location at Vineland Station to Linwell Gardens, and will be bigger and better than ever. … Continue reading

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Floriculture IPM Check-in: What’s working in Points?

It’s that time of year again, where the struggle against pests of poinsettias is real.  So I thought it was time for a summary of what’s working in the industry, and what’s not. (Beware!  This is a longer post than … Continue reading

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