Meet the OMAFRA Greenhouse Floriculture Team at CGC!

Chat with the OMAFRA specialists - Chevonne Carlow (left) and Sarah Jandricic (right) - at CGC.

Chat with the OMAFRA greenhouse floriculture specialists – Chevonne Carlow (left) and Sarah Jandricic (right) – at CGC.

Getting excited about the Canadian Greenhouse Conference?  We are too!  This year promises great learning opportunities, lots of fun and an excellent place to network with others in our industry.

That said, make sure you drop by the OMAFRA booth to chat with us.  We’ll be at booth #1011 (right beside the food court!) on Thursday October 6th from 11am – 12pm.

You’ll probably see us giving talks, leading workshops and tours, and wandering the trade show floor throughout the conference, but this time will be designated for you at our booth.  Come introduce yourself, chat about issues you’re seeing and bring us your burning questions.  We can show you what we’ve been working on over the last year and chat about any on-farm trials you might like to do.  Suggestions and feedback on our blog (or the corny jokes included in our posts) are appreciated!

We’re all ears for the hour, and the booth will have lots of resources, including an updated pesticide guide in an easy to use format.  Hope to see you there!

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